Corinna Thompson, Realtor

Corinna brings 15+ years of experience in furniture design and sales to Selling 726 Realty. She is excited to leverage her expertise in design to help her clients in the first step to a beautiful home – finding and buying a property!

Corinna is highly motivated and passionate about Real Estate. Her success has come from communicating and listening to her clients' needs.

Family is everything to Corinna! She loves her family and spending time with them. She loves making things new and beautiful, from interiors to outside the yard. She loves making new friends!

Fun Fact: Corinna is a master of the exclamation point (!)

Cell Phone: 870-517-8112

Office Location: 128 N. Willow St., Harrison
Office Phone Number: 870-280-3112

Contact Corinna to help you with your next home.